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Global domain registry

.info Global Rs449.00
.mobi Global Rs499.00
.tv Global Tv Rs2199.00
.tel Global Rs499.00
.org Global Rs499.00
.biz Global Rs499.00
.cc Cocos Is. Rs1649.00
.me Montenegro Rs899.00
.mx Mexico Rs899.00
.im Isle of Man Rs799.00
.ws Samoa Rs699.00
.sx Sint Maarten Rs960.00 South Africa Rs599.00
.eu Europe Rs599.00
.be Belgium Rs599.00
.it Italy Rs699.00
.at Austria Rs1349.00
.fr France Rs899.00
.no Norway Rs1349.00 England Rs499.00 England Rs499.00 England Rs499.00
.nl Netherlands Rs599.00
.pl Poland Rs1349.00



What is a Domain Name:


Domain Names have endless possibilities and that is why you want something that's eye catching and rolls off the tongue when people speak about you. Ever listened to the radio or seen a TV ad where companies advertise their website and then a week later you will need to remember it and you just can't? It's because their domain name is either not catchy enough or too hard to remember.


Register your domain name today and create a basis for your website at Ninexcel.


We provide thousands of Indian domain names where you can register your .IN, .COM, .ORG, .CO, .NET and much more.


Domain registration can be really confusing and sometimes a lot of people don't know where to start. We are the first choice for all Indian domain names and we cannot be beaten. Simply head to Ninexcel and type in the domain name you wish to register and select your extension (e.g. - .COM, .IN, .NET, .ORG, .CO). If you're confused on your extension, try these helpful tips; .COM is by far the most popular for worldwide options and general domain registration. If you are a Not-for-Profit business or charity try using .ORG for Organisation – this has become world renowned and trusted by people that visit your website, they see that you are not a selling company. There are also options for country code TLDs such as .IN which is the most commonly used India Domain for all Indian businesses.


Once you have decided on what is right for your websites' use you can then proceed to our easy checkout service and after payment your domain will be instantly activated and you're done and ready to go. It's as simple as that!


And what if the domain name you want is taken you ask? Put it on back order and the minute it becomes available we will tell you! How easy is that?


At Ninexcel we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use and best value registrar in the business. Register your domain now!



What is Web Hosting:


Web Hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their web site accessible to the world via the internet.Website hosting is basically your space on the internet in which your domain name can live. Think of it like a web host of a block of land and the house is yourdomain name. At Ninexcel we can provide you with web hosting on a number of different plans ranging from 150GB to Unlimited Plans. Our plans are cheap and provide excellent features and space for the maximum use.

We are the number one choice in India for web hosting. In this we provide Cpanel hosting and access to wordpress hosting, joomla hosting, ftp servers and blog hosting. With our plans of 500GB and Unlimited you even have access to NEXT Generation Cloud Hosting. You get 300% faster site speeds, with Indian web hosting, networked across multiple servers at light speed. With this you can experience the fastest, most reliable web hosting every day of every year.

As the first choice for cheap Indian web hosting, we are fully loaded with all web hosting services, we are sure to provide you with 24/7 technical support and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee on your web hosting choices.
At Ninexcel we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use, most reliable and up to 300% faster web hosting name in the business. Host your website.



Learn about Site Builder:


Ever wanted to know how to build your own website and keep it simple and easy, well now there is our revolutionary website builder that is simple and easy to use for anyone.


Our website builder is an easy and professional way to make a website without having to checkout Creating a Website for Dummies from your local library. We provide you with a plan that has website builder tools and range from 1 page to Unlimited pages. You can even add eShop (ecommerce) for all you businesses who are selling your products and services online.


The Ninexcel Web Site Builder is intuitive, easy to use and helps you deliver professional, modern and responsive websites in just minutes. Each and every Site Builder plan comes with over 2,000 different templates. With our Site Builder and eShop Builder plans you can even customise what your site will look like on mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and much more. If you already have a website and would like to create a mobile site to go with it you can use your Mobile Site Builder. This allows you to reach the ever growing number of viewers using mobile devices.


All our Website Builder plans come with Ninexcel web hosting and email hosting. This means you get the benefits of our 300% faster, reliable and fast network. Ninexcel is the first choice for cheap India web hosting, we are fully loaded with all web hosting services, we are sure to provide you with 24/7 technical support and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee on your web hosting choices.

At Ninexcel we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use, most reliable and up to 300% faster Site Builder name in the business. Build your site now.